Welcome to my journey

Welcome to my journey

It has always been about getting the most out of the gift of life. I find my purpose in bringing my learned experiences to others and have come to understand that giving of myself is the most powerful accelerator.

I am here to listen.


Author, Entrepreneur, always in thought

As a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, I invite you to learn more about my work and my story.

This is my story

We all have a beginning journey and in mine I discovered an inner confidence that helped me realize my life was within MY control. I’ve dedicated my life’s purpose to the creation of opportunities - for myself, my family, my employees, my customers and anyone I have the privilege and opportunity to come into contact with. Every one of us has it within ourselves to achieve our personal greatness, and the world is a better place when we help each other.

Israel Ellis's Art

My creativity is the way my soul speaks. Nothing happens by pure chance, but rather the serendipitous results combined with faith, destiny, timing, and a healthy intuitive, psychological and physical balance.

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