The Book

In his nonfiction debut, Ellis is a direct and vivid writer and a highly relatable one, not only drawing on his own youth but also on his many deep conversations with his children. Readers will get a strong sense of his personality, and when Ellis writes about the innate human ability to rise above the seemingly impossible challenges, he’s at his best. His urgings to move beyond bias and engage in true listening will resonate with many readers.

There is a certain frustration knowing that it is within you to become great only to be plagued with the question that knocks from the inside out and that is simply the "How" questions. In Moving Through Walls, I have narrowed the answers to four foundational principles. These ideas are tools to achieve the life you want to live. Embrace them and make them your own.

I know with absolute certainty that it is within each and every person to achieve their personal greatness. You only must believe this and be willing to take action. Moving Through Walls is a way to live, to be aware, and to give you license that YES you can live the life you want and be your best self for YOU.

Writing Moving Through Walls has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me and I hope that reading the book will be equally impactful for you.

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