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Israel Ellis triumphed through childhood abuse and trauma by discovering an inner voice and drive that changed the course of his life. As a serial entrepreneur, he launched his first major startup in 1993. Israel has successfully established businesses in entertainment, technology, software, logistics, manufacturing, and real estate. Today, his vision is embodied in these active enterprises.

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He attributes his professional and personal success from the four foundations he now shares with the world through his first book, Moving Through Walls.

Israel is known for his mentorship and guidance, inspiring and motivating others who want to unlock their potential from within.

In addition to business Israel is an aspiring writer, amateur artist and musician, and is most grateful to spend his time traveling and simply being with his family, cycling, yoga, and the outdoors.

Moving Through Walls


To inspire and motivate people who are ready to become the greatest version of themselves.


A world where people use the Moving Through Walls mindset to counter their own self imposed limitations for achieving their potential.


By sharing the process of the four foundations (openness, faith, future, and forgiveness), derived from his personal story and life experience, Israel will inspire and motivate others to break free from their limiting self-beliefs and life’s challenges, and open their eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Core values & beliefs

Anyone, regardless of their life’s circumstance, has it in them to become great if they take responsibility for the choices they make. Watch my video.

You must be a HERO in your story, not the victim.

Everyone has the ability to remove the walls, barriers and emotional blockages that stand in their way to achieving their potential.

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When we diversify our interests with each action accomplished and taken to the finish line there is an acceleration to the momentum that affects all aspects of our living experience; our goals, passions, and purpose. For me it's painting, music, cycling, and yoga. For you it can be different. The thing is this, there is nothing out of your reach, if something speaks to you then engage yourself. Talent is found within the intent. Taking these ideas to the finish line strengthens your agency, improves your confidence and esteem, and gives you pride in the most important of people. You! These passions create an acceleration into accomplishing the bucket list and goals in your personal and professional life.

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