Moving Through Walls

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When a boy’s childhood is deeply traumatized by abuse, nothing is predictable.

In a world turned upside down, his innocence is marred by the injustice of his life. He becomes a shadow of unrealized potential until he discovers an internal voice…a knowingness that reveals an inner drive…the possibility for a future. At that moment he recognizes the gift that is his life and that he alone has the power to choose the outcome. Ultimately, he realizes his greatness despite the tide of circumstances working against him.

In Moving Through Walls, Israel Ellis shares a lifetime of learning and conscious action that allowed that least-likely-to-succeed boy to transform himself and discover a life of love, peace, and success. Illuminated by personal and professional stories of pain, struggle, perseverance and triumph, Ellis distils the practices, philosophies and attitudes needed for anyone to achieve their personal best.

Ellis demonstrates, through his own experience and compelling examples, his belief that we all have a choice to either move through the walls that limit our potential or be trapped in an
endless pleasure-in-pain cycle.

We all have the capacity for greatness; all that’s preventing you from realizing it…is you.

Are you ready to gain clarity and succeed in your gift of life? That journey starts here. Now.

Print, eBook, and audiobook editions available from fine book retailers worldwide.

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