The Wealth of Intuitive Health

A core message in Moving Through Walls (MTW) is that our intuitive health plays a huge role in determining the choices we make and the outcomes that result from those choices.

Feb 26th, 2019

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Israel Ellis

The Wealth of Intuitive Health

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A core message in Moving Through Walls (MTW) is that our intuitive health plays a huge role in determining the choices we make and the outcomes that result from those choices. The premise is that our decision-making process is in part driven by unconscious motivators, which come into play before any conscious considerations. We often think of intuition in the context of forming first impressions, but it is especially critical when we are faced with a situation or set of inputs that require an autonomous and immediate counteraction. In other words, intuitive health is key not just to acting proactively but also to responding strategically to situations that arise. In fact, in every situation where we make a choice, the state of our intuitive health will be material to the decision we make and the outcome of that decision.

What is intuitive health?

I use the term “intuitive health” to refer to the unconscious drivers of our decision-making process, which are a reflection and direct result of our emotional balance. The process of making intuitive judgments occurs before rational, conscious consideration takes place. For example, upon meeting someone, we form a first impression of them that is not based on rational thought but on feelings. Think of your feelings as an emotional radar, scanning the person before you and giving you information about whether to stay away from or get closer to this person. Of course feelings cannot always be trusted, and this is where intuitive health comes into play. If you are an emotionally healthy person, then your intuition will naturally seek out and be attracted to people who are good for you. Unconsciously, you will identify people whom you can envision as part of the future of your ideal self. Conversely, an unhealthy intuition will attract you to relationships with people who are not good for you.

Take a moment to consider your history of relationships to determine where you land on the spectrum of intuitive health. If you have read MTW, you will know about Bergler’s psychic masochistic link between pleasure and pain, which is foundational to my treatise that our actions and behaviors are the direct and desired results of our decisions, even when those decisions seem counterintuitive to our own survival and growth. Put simply, the brain seeks pleasure – if we are doing things to harm ourselves, it is because we are gaining some sort of perverse pleasure from doing those things. We often struggle to recognize that our unconscious is the force behind our actions and decision-making processes. In the book, I explain that we are often unaware of our hidden motivations, which usually stem from a gap in our psychological need for security, self-worth, confidence, and esteem as described by Maslow. (MTW Page 73)

By simply becoming aware that we are responsible for the outcomes in our life, we can expose and interrogate these unconscious motivators. This awareness will sharpen our intuitive qualities and push us closer to the outcomes that support our ideal future. Finding emotional balance – by bridging the gaps in our psychological needs – is half the battle won.

In business, I make decisions by trusting my intuition. The healthier my intuition, the better my decisions. This is something that you can bank on; I do. My first impressions are often the most accurate. Recently I hired a service provider on contract. Although all indications were positive and the provider was telling me all the right things – and I would have preferred to believe all was well – my intuition told me something different. In this case, the discrepancy between the reality of the situation and how it appeared was due to my emotional investment in the relationship. When you are invested emotionally, your objective view of a situation becomes clouded. We all want to believe that we have made the correct decisions with the right people, but it does not always turn out that way, and the sooner we listen to what we “know,” the better off we will be. When you are dealing with manipulators who insert confusion into the situation, it can easily lead you to doubt yourself, which in turn can negatively influence your intuitive health and unsettle your emotional balance. In these instances, it is of paramount importance to draw your lines and keep an unwavering endgame vision in your sights.

We are all capable of achieving intuitive health and when we do so, we give ourselves the best opportunity to make decisions that will help us achieve the greatest version of ourselves. I have developed four foundational constructs that when practiced are going to deliver positive results. For those of you who have read MTW, you know what I am referring to; for those who have not, read the book 🙂 A blog post is too constrained a forum to delve deeply into the four foundations, but I want to leave you with this thought. When you truly open yourself up to ideas, especially ones counter to your own belief system; when you have faith, knowing that you cannot control the world you live in but you can control many of the inputs, as defined in MTW; when you believe that there is a future where you are your ideal self; and when you can forgive and turn stories of grievance into ones of heroism – you can become your personal best self and let your intuitive health bring you the wealth!

I would wish you good luck – but this is not about luck. It’s in your control to put your best foot forward. Thank you for making me a part of your journey. Please let me know how it’s coming along.

In Moving Through Walls I have narrowed the answers to four foundational principles. These ideas are tools to achieve the life you want to live. Embrace them and make them your own.

– Israel Ellis


I wrote Moving Through Walls out of a purpose to share what I have learned.

If you have a deep desire to find that road less travelled to your greatest self. Then you have likely come to the right place.

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