Pleasure in Pain

In Moving Through Walls I discuss the...

Nov 4th, 2019

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Israel Ellis

Pleasure in Pain

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In Moving Through Walls I discuss the pleasure-pain relationship within the psychological framework, in that we are manipulated by the residence within our subconscious motivators that influence the choices we make..  This behavioral rationale is the pleasure we seek directly correlated with the injustices we collect. So buckle up and get ready to discover one of the mind’s greatest powers that either limit you from or release you towards becoming your greatest self.

Freud considered our emotions partnered with sadomasochism at work where there exists the self opportunity for sadistic and masochistic behaviors fuelled by our ego (id).  The level of emotional disorders arising from the repression of the subconscious is going to extenuate the outcome of neurotic tendencies. Erich Fromm expanded this idea to include complete societal behavior by way of explaining the voluntary acquiescence of trading one’s own freedoms for authoritarian control.  Fromm’s Escape from Freedom (1941) explores German society’s role in and psychosocial conditions that facilitated the rise of Nazism and the attraction to Hitler.  Post-Freud psychiatrist Edmund Bergler concerned himself mainly with the individual’s behavioral motivation, theorizing on the idea that all human actions are the byproduct of unconscious motivators in seeking pleasure.

When I came across these ideas as a young man – I was taken aback by the possibility that my own undoing could be self orchestrated.   While this was seemingly irrational it was the impetus for my own discovery that there was likely a part my subconsciousness played into my conscious decision-making process.

I will often get a knee jerk “no-way!” defensive response to the pain-pleasure idea – but that is just it, your instinctive response to anything that would suggest you are the architect of your own destruction would seem preposterous and it’s natural to respond defensively to this idea.  The last thing that you want to consider in the navigation of your ship, is that you share in the responsibility of going off course.

Over the years I have continued to dive deeply into my psyche never letting up in the aftermath of a bad outcome to find my own responsibility.  The result is that I am fixing something by calling it forward. I do this by being accountable to myself. Even when the line of responsibility is vague.  It is the path of least resistance to find fault somewhere else. But if you take the position to announce out loud your culpability the effect can be immediate and autonomous.    I figured that if it works for me it must work for others.

“I am solely responsible for the outcome and pain caused by this situation”, “I took the actions that created this outcome because I take complete pleasure on some level by the personal injustice and grievance that this causes me”.  A little personal beratement perhaps?  – it may seem so, but in actuality what you are doing is openly taking responsibility and being directly accountable with this admission.  The effect is almost instantaneous, a shift occurs in the conscious choices you make which then serve a different master of pleasure, and that is closer in alignment with your conscious goals for the life you really want to live.   The simplicity is life-changing and almost magical. There is incredible power in bringing forth the unknown, unconscious drivers within our psyche that are the decisive forces in the process of the choices we make.  It could literally mean money in the bank for you.

The stories and ideas I discuss in Moving Through Walls are based on the fact that we make conscious choices that ultimately are driven by our intuitive health.  Our intuitive health is going to depend on calling out self damaging manipulators residing within on subconscious. Deep within our psyche, there is an emotional feeding frenzy at an unconscious level that is driven by a void in our basic emotional needs, a trauma experienced, an unresolved grievance and so on.   You cannot see these things, there is no imaging machine that will play that picture for you. Along the road to self-betterment, we are able to change our thinking that will show self-destructive rationale the exit door.   These unconscious manipulators work against our conscious vision of achieving the greatest possible outcomes for our personal and professional lives.

In Moving Through Walls I have narrowed the answers to four foundational principles. These ideas are tools to achieve the life you want to live. Embrace them and make them your own.

– Israel Ellis


I wrote Moving Through Walls out of a purpose to share what I have learned.

If you have a deep desire to find that road less travelled to your greatest self. Then you have likely come to the right place.

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